Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leaked list reveals BNP strongholds

Taken from the Independent, 19 November 2008

Lancashire was today revealed as a stronghold of BNP supporters with 861 people in the county on a leaked membership list.

West Yorkshire has the second highest rate of membership with 858 people from the county on the list.

And throughout Yorkshire as a whole the party counts more than 1,600 members.

The list, posted on an internet blog, contains 12,000 names including addresses, contact details and some members' jobs.

Some of the towns in Lancashire with the most BNP members include Oldham (78) and Burnley (73) which were the scene of violent race riots in 2001.

In Yorkshire, more than 240 members live in Leeds and 109 are in Bradford - where the 2001 rioting spread after igniting in Lancashire.

Essex has just over 670 members and the West Midlands more than 580. In Kent 417 people are signed up and in Leicestershire there are 409.

But there are hotspots of BNP membership across the country.

In Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, where there are nine BNP councillors on the city council, there are more than 100 members.

London has close to 500 members on the list and more than 230 members are listed as living in Manchester.

Burnley Council Labour Leader Julie Cooper said: "It doesn't surprise me that there are so many members in Lancashire and in Burnley. The BNP in Burnley have worked very hard to prey on vulnerable communities and appeal to the selfish side in all of us.

"Most of their support comes from traditional Labour areas where there is a lot of deprivation.

"But I think the tide is turning. We have four BNP members on the council now but we used to have seven and I believe that we can bring that down to three at the next election.

"It is such a shame because Burnley has got so much going for it and so many people here are doing a lot of good work."


The publication of the list was inappropriate and put the lives of people “we disagree with” in danger. Although the original source of the list on Blogger has been taken down there are many websites still hosting the bnpmemberslist.

Whatever people say – groups like The BNP, National front, Combat 18 etc are all racist groups. The BNP may appear to be more mainstream and have a clean cut image but deep down it is another matter.

It has been alleged that hate groups like the above have set up websites that publish names and address of left wing politicians and ordinary people that stand up against fascism. Websites such as / (note: domain name keeps changing) is one prime example. here is a video report

The majority of the members of hate groups have grown up in areas where there is a lot of deprivation but most of them have a disillusioned life. One of the highest profile BNP members was uncovered in 2006 – ballerina Simone Clarke. She joined the party to stand up against mass immigration (something unfamiliar to her that every party stands against).

The astonishing thing about Simone Clarke was that at that time she was in a relationship with fellow English National Ballet star Yat-Sen Chang, a Cuban immigrant of Chinese descent. They even have a five year old daughter, Olivia. The relationship didn’t last as Yat-Sen Chang, refused to back her politics. Simone Clarke is currently engaged to local BNP politician Richard Barnbrook who allegedly made the comment of Simone and Yat’s relationship "I'm not opposed to mixed marriages but their children are washing out the identity of this country's indigenous people." - Need I Say more!

Here are some points why many people consider the BNP to be a fascist party Click Here!

Stand up against fascism - for more info Click Here!

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