Monday, April 14, 2008

Woman, 38, charged with having sex with her young sons

Another incest incident. This sickening act seems to be happening in most part of the world these days...

Taken from Harretz, Israel, 13 April 2008
By Haaretz Service

The Be'er Sheva District Court on Sunday indicted a 38-year-old woman from the southern town of Netivot who allegedly had sexual relations with her two sons, 9 and 11.

The defendant is a religious woman and a divorcee. Her children were taken from her home last year by court order and put into boarding schools and foster care, upon recommendation of a social worker involved in their case.

One of the children, 11, was transferred to a boarding school in B'nei Barak, where he exhibited sexual behavior inappropriate for his age. When confronted, the boy told school counselors that his mother had forced him to have sex with her on one of the occasions he had come to visit her last year.

When arrested by police, the woman said she had committed the act as revenge against her former husband.

The charges state that the woman lay on her bed naked, with only her head covered and forced her children to undress and have sex with her. She then did the same thing with her other son, according to the indictment.

The woman is also suspected of watching pornographic films with her children. The Southern District Prosecution has requested that the woman remain in policy custody until the end of proceedings on the grounds that she could be a danger to her children.

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