Sunday, July 22, 2007

Iran Attack Could Be 2nd Holocaust, Gingrich Warns

Former US House speaker, who is considering running for presidency on Republican ticket, warns that if Iran acquires nukes, Israel and US would be under severe threat; 'Firing one or more bombs at Israel could be a second Holocaust for the Jewish people,' Gingrich says

Taken from Ynet News, Israel, 20.07.07
By Yitzhak Benhorin

WASHINGTON – Former House speaker and possible presidential contender Newt Gingrich said Thursday that the United States should make efforts to bring about a regime change in Iran and warned against the dangers of Tehran attaining nuclear weapons.

An Iranian nuclear strike on the United States could be more devastating than the Japanese attack in 1941, Gingrich told Project Israel, a non-profit organization established to provide the American media with information on Israel.

On Thursday Project Israel held a press conference on the Iranian threat, and invited presidential hopefuls to participate and voice their opinions on the issue.

"The stakes for Israel are even graver," Gingrich said. "The use of one or more nuclear weapons against Israel would constitute a second genocide of the Jewish people," said Gingrich, who is apparently considering running on theRepublican ticket.

Gingrich emphasized the gravity of the Iranian threat in his statement: "Indeed, the Iranian President does not even require us to read a book like Mein Kampf to understand how serious he is.

He enthusiastically makes speeches proclaiming to the world his commitment to genocidal annihilation of another nation."

"Meanwhile the civilized world wrings its hands and the United Nations acts with contemptible weakness," he added.

Rival Democratic candidate Senator Hillary Clinton issued a statement noting that American policy on Iran must be "clear, unambiguous and effective."

The US cannot let Iran build or acquire nuclear weapons, nor support terrorism, she said.

The senator responded firmly to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement that Israel should be "wiped off the map," saying, "We must not tolerate threats to the existence of Israel."

The leading Democratic candidates told Project Israel that Iran can be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons through economic and diplomatic channels.

Democratic Senator Barack Obama, Clinton's chief Democratic rival, declared that, "Allowing Iran - a radical theocracy that supports terrorism openly threatens its neighbors - to acquire nuclear weapons is a risk we cannot take."

Obama demanded the UN take stronger action and boost sanctions on Tehran. "All nations need to understand that, while Iran's most explicit an intolerable threats are aimed at Israel, its conduct threatens all of us," Obama said. Democratic candidates John Edwards, Joe Biden and Christopher Dodd also said sanctions on Ahmadinejad's regime should be boosted.

I just have two things to say to Newton Gingrich - I don't believe the Iranian leaders intention is to wipe Israel off the map in terms of destroying Israel and it's citizens - what he was saying is to change the Zionist regime in Israel. Secondly, Gringrich asks for regime change in Iran, well the USA and UK did participate in regime chnage in Iran. The last time we forced a regime change was because the democratically elected government of Dr. Mohammed Mosaddeq of Iran was imposing to nationalise the Oil industry in Iran - Well, we didn't let him because we took control of Iran via a coup and made the Shah of Iran (a puppet of ours) into the supreme leader. The Shah was an evil dictator, who tortured civilians and allowed multinational companies to run the Oil industry in Iran. He opposed democracy. The fact of the matter was that he was given enormous luxuries and finance for letting Allied governments run the oil. The Shah of Iran had no control over the Oil. In fact he was not even allowed to look into the accounts of the oil, he had no record of how much was produced and sold and what level remained in reserve. The only agreement was that Iran would receive a small percentage of profits made from the sale of the Oil (and hence the Country and the people were deprived of the wealth they would have received). The Shah of Iran kept his people poor whilst we enjoyed the benefits of his enormous riches. His secret police were trained by the CIA and Mossad to keep civilians in order and keep him in power. The legacy of the Shah and his brutality didn't last long, he himself was overthrown by the people of Iran via Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and fled the country into exil. The people of Iran hated the Shah and all the western countries that interfered with Iran - that is why there is so much hatred against the US government and it's foreign policies. I say let the people of Iran decide the fate of Iran - That is what they did with the Shah and look what happened to him.

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